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Intellectual property rights are the rights given to you over the creations of your minds.

newpon特許商標事務所 Japanese

Patent and Trademark Attorney



 SHIN-IKE, Yoshiaki

Registered as a patent attorney: April 2006
Registration Number: 14588 (Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified)
Founded Newpon: January 2007
Educational Background: Graduated from the Biology Department of Osaka University
Career: Worked for Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc.
2006-2012 MIRAIO Law Office
September 2012 Opened Kosugi Office at Kosugi-Cho, Nakahara-Ku, Kawasaki
Member: Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Japan Trademark Association
Practice Area: Trade Marks, Patent, Design
phone: 044-299-6780






Tokyu Toyoko Line, Musashi Kosugi Station →  2 minutes on foot from South Exit 3
JR Nambu Line, Musashi Kosugi Station  →  4 minutes on foot from West Exit
JR Yokosuka Line Musashi, Kosugi Station →  7 minutes on foot from South Exit

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