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Intellectual property rights are the rights given to you over the creations of your minds.

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Newpon IP Law Firm


Newpon IP Law Firm offers comprehensive representation in intellectual property law matters, including patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, and related matters. The relatively small size of the firm enables us to be personable and cost effective. Since the inception of the firm in January of 2006, we have procured many clients from the world wide. In September of 2012, the firm has launched Kosugi office in Kawasaki, located between Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. Since then, we have been prosecuting patent, trademark and design applications and handling appeals and oppositions before the Japan Patent Office.


Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are important assets for a company, and the value of the rights is often of great importance in relation to business or sale of companies. Intellectualproperty includes;
(1)intangible assets created by person's intellectual activities such as inventions, devices, new varieties of plants, designs, copy-righted works,
(2)intangible assets used to indicate goods or services of one's own in business activities such as trade marks or service marks, and
(3)trade secrets and other business information useful for business activities.

Patent, design and trademark prosecution

Newpon help our clients procure their intellectual property rights, secure them from potential infringement and develop them as business assets.
Newpon specializes in prosecution, which is an industry term used to describe the process that involves filing a patent, design or trademark or service mark application with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and arguing against any Office Action received from the JPO. The trademark prosecution process begins when an application for a patent, design or trademark or service mark application is filed with the JPO.
More specifically, the prosecution is helping people and companies to acquire issued patents that protect their inventions and registered trademark that protect the names, logos and slogans used in selling their products and services.
For patents, designs and trademarks, we work with inventors and business owners and their employees to prepare and file patent, design and trademark applications with the JPO. We then interface with the JPO examiners on behalf of our clients to prosecute those applications to secure as much legal protection as is available. We have years of experience prosecuting patent, design and trademark applications in Japan.
Contact us to learn more about our Patent, Design and Trademark Prosecution services.


October 2022 The 22nd edition of the Article-by-Article Commentary on the Industrial Property Law (Industrial Property Law) has been published.

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